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If your fruit doesn't have seeds, God didn't make it.
Your Kitchen Physician | healing through food
All approved ingredients from Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide
#Turkey Breast Stuffed with Creamed Collard Greens - Turkey Tank Contest

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

And Let It Taste Really Good Too!!! 

Satisfaction is aneeD


Driven by an innate passion to satisfy your taste buds, Chef Deena creates innovative dishes that are ALKALICIOUS: Delicious Electric foods that feed your cells what THEY need in order to keep YOU going.

Spirit of Excellence


Superior service paired with quintessential quality yields an exceptional eating experience with Chef Deena.

Savor the Flavor


Electric Food you'll want to eat and tell your friends about. Enjoy the experience of Chef Deena’s Top 5 Signature Alkaline Dishes.

Try them all!

Los Angeles, California    |    |    805-351-CHEF (2433)

Hemp Eggs!!!
Alkaline Pho!
Pepperoomi Pizza Pockets
Chef Deena, Kitchen Physician
Portobello Mushroom Bacon!
Mushroom Stir-fry & Spelt Mac
Janelle's Mushroom Steak-ums
Alkaline Wraps
Burro Fries
Alkaline Grilled Cheese
Chef Deena, Kitchen Physician!
Dr. Sebi Maya Nut Cake
Watermelon Slushie!
Chicken Fried Mushrooms
Maya Nut & Bromide Smoothie

Kitchen Physician

healing through food 
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Chef Deena

 Alkaline Chef

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