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since 1996​

Chef Deena has been cooking professionally for over 20 years. In 1996, she catered her first wedding for her cousin, and her passion for cooking was born.

Chef Deena is affectionately known as the Remix Queen; taking tried and true recipes and putting her spin on them. She specializes in creating new taste designs that make taste buds jump. “I get excited when people taste my food and their eyes bulge out of the socket!” says the Remix Queen. She enjoys taking classical dishes that you eat with a fork and transforming them into party bites. “Cute & Quick Mingle Foods”, she calls them. Her Fried Buffalo Mac n Cheese Squares are her most requested fan favorite.

Norfolk Virginia native, Chef Deena grew up watching her mother bake delectable pastries and cakes. During her mom’s tenure as a cake designer, Chef Deena chuckles as she recalls having the privilege of licking the bowl when she was done. “I remember how she always loved to make food pretty. So ‘plating’ is not foreign to me.”

Chef Deena has appearances on ABC's TV show The Chew where she introduced her famous Turkey Breast Stuffed with Creamed Collard Greens recipe alongside Iron Chef Mario Batali. Together, they showed the studio and viewing audience how to turn a seasonal favorite into something quick, easy, and elegant.

In 2015, Chef Deena moved to Los Angeles to pursue her culinary dreams. There she met and collaborated with some amazing people. One particular human, Dr. Sebi, caught her attention and so she tried his therapeutic package which came with a Nutritional Guide. This guide was a fun challenge to Chef but as she continued to visit his LA office, she ran into people who found it to be very daunting. Realizing she could help, this website was created.

To be continued...

And so it begins...


I put this donation button here for anyone who wants to invest in my Kitchen Physician Network certification program. Dr. Sebi left us with a plethora of information on Cell Food, The African Bio-Mineral Balance, and the importance of eating Alkaline. I want to build on what he started. Please help if you can. 

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