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Definiton of a personal chef:


  • A personal chef is a chef who is hired by different clients and prepares meals in the clients' home kitchens, based on their needs and preferences. In most cases the chef leaves the meals she had cooked packaged in containers and refrigerated or frozen for the client to enjoy later.


We decided not to add or take anything away from this statement:)

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 Your Personal Chef

Brunch & Lunch Deliveries

Stuck at work and don’t have time to go out and grab lunch? Or are you tired of the same ol’ take-out options? Contact us with your order request and we’ll be there with something that’ll make your co-workers mouths drool!

Gourmet Kamut Korn

Making gourmet popcorn used to be Chef Deena's favorite thing to do when family & friends would pop over. It started out as a craving during a movie rental night. But after she found this desire to eat more alkaline, Chef Deena put down the corn and picked up the puffed Kamut, an ancient grain that offers the same great crunch as popcorn, but easier on the waistline and yet a better it's ALKALINE! It tasted so fantastic, that we decided to share!

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I'm a description
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Chef Deena

 Alkaline Chef

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