Chef Deena - Dr. Sebi Approved Ingredients

Shout out to my mentor "Dr. Zee" who made this video! Thank you sooooo much sir!!!

Breaking the FB LIVE ice...Hiiiii!

Deena Leslie was live


Deena's first NFNS-9 audition....

ABC's The Chew - Thanksgiving Turkey Tank (aired 11/1/2013)

Chef Deena on The Chew
Chef Deena on The Chew

Deena's Winning Stuffed Turkey (aired 11/1/2013)


G5 Cooking with Chef Deena - "Jambalya Balls" (aired Oct 17, 2014)

I no longer eat like this, but I miss these sisters too much to take it down <3 


Chef Deena

 Alkaline Chef